Friday, January 23, 2009

Moving On

Frosty's hat has blown away to another designers blog. To those that could not find my hidden file, I hid the file on my blog by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. I always need luck in Vegas if I want to come out ahead.

The last three in my Around the World series are Ireland, Scotland, and England. These bundles will be up for sale at by the end of January.

Scotland bundle has a Country Flag, a Bag Pipe, 3 Bag Pipers, the Lochness Monster PP, a Celtic Cross, and a 2 Kilt PP.

Ireland bundle has a Country flag, a clover corner accent, an Irish Dancing Costume PP, a Mug of Beer PP, a Derby, a Lucky Horseshoe PP, and 2 pub signs.

England bundle has a Country flag, Big Ben, London Bridge, a Guard Bear Hat PP, a Double Decker bus, a phone booth, a Jousting Knight, and Shakespear.

Besides dressing up those photos from visits overseas, you can use these files for school projects, themed parties, Epcot Center, and the World’s Fair.

I would like to thank these people for test cutting my files: Esther WB from CA, Hailey B in Idaho, Lisa M in MI, Debbi B in IN, Kim J from MO, and Lisa B from NE. Without these ladies help, my files may still be just sitting on my computer.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wha ha ha hahhhhhh

I’ve got Frosty’s hat and I am holding it ransom. I am not giving it back to Linda, aka Jo King, aka 3dshopmo, because it was a ‘crime’ the way she made us look for that free file! This should be easy after that treasure hunt. I’ve got just one question. Are you feeling lucky? See if you can win this free file.

Clarification on the red 'snow bricks' off to the side. This is for pouncing or cutting dashed lines. In the GSD version the red lines have been set to dash. Cut the red and maroon at the same time. For pouncing in the KNK and WPC version, place bricks on top of blue mat. If you do not know how to pounce watch Char and Rhonda’s videos at

Castles and Pubs

My youngest, Samantha, went to Germany when she was 17. She made friends with a foreign exchange student that was visiting here in the states. Sam and another friend went to stay with her for 3 weeks. After a scary ride on the Autobahn, Sam told me I was not to tell her she is driving to fast!

They went mostly to visit castles and pubs. At least that is almost all of the pictures I have of her trip. You can drink when you are 16, but you can’t drive until you are 18.

What I remember most about her trip was when they were to come home. They were not on the plane! The airlines asked them ‘would they mind being "bumped" for a different flight?’ Their first offer was a return flight to the states with a night stay in Amsterdam. They turned that down (whew!) Their second offer was via Paris, the third was another night stay in Germany and a coupon for a free flight. They choose that one. The airlines put them up at a hotel, but we didn’t get the message until we were already at the airport! When I screamed at the airlines for "bumping" minors I was told they can ask anyone over the age of 12. They do not need to get parental agreement, just the child’s agreement. Interesting.
This Germany bundle has a Country Flag, a Beer Stein and pretzels, a Leiderhosen outfit and a German costume dress. It also comes with a beer barrel and a cuckoo clock.

The Castle bundle come separably. This is two of the 4 castles in this bundle. Buy 3 of the ‘Around the World’ Series and get this one free. Email me at to find out how.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Around the World

I started making these Around the World series for my daughters. Both my daughters have had passports since they were 17, both passports have stamps in them, and both girls paid for their own trip.

My oldest, Jaclyn, went to Australia when she was 17 with the People to People Student ambassador program. A group of about 40 students (grades 9 thru 12) from around our tri-state area went to Australia for 3 weeks.

Jaclyn road a skyrail over a rain forest. She visited an Aboriginal Cultural Park and a diamond mine. She explored a crocodile farm at night and snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef. She climbed the Sydney Arbor Bridge and visited the Opera House. She held a koala bear and lived as a local for two nights with a home stay family, and much more. This is her bundle.

The Australia bundle comes with a Country flag, the Opera House PP, the Sydney Arbor Bridge, the Sydney Skywalk Tower and Symbol, a koala bear, a boomerang, a coral reef, snorkeling gear, and of course the Tasmanian devil.

These bundles will be up for sale at Look for them soon!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The winds are calm

but the temperature is still low. We might even get to a high today of 20*F above zero. It is still not warm enough for Frosty’s hat, try someplace warmer.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

Actually it is FREAKING COLD outside
This morning it was 17*F below zero, with the wind chill of minus 38. Today’s high -1*F. The wind is barely blowing, but the pipes are freezing, the cars won’t start, and the garbage man won’t pick up!

Here are two more in the Around the World series bundles. The Japan bundle has a Country Flag, 2 different fans (with either a dragon, blossoms, or birds), a Geisha girl, a rickshaw, a Pagoda, and a bamboo border.

Italy bundle has a Country flag, The Coliseum PP, Leaning Tower of Pisa , a wine silhouette, a Greek column w/Ivy PP, and 2 Gondolas.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's in a BLOG

It sure has been fun looking at everyone’s blog to see what they have been up to. And exciting searching for those hidden files :)

The Around the World series bundles will be up at That’s Scrap, Inc by the end of January, and possibly as soon as next week. I want to give a special thanks to Lisa B from Nebraska for test cutting most of this series. Lisa look for a CD in the mail :) Here’s just 2 of the files that Lisa cut and scanned for me.

The France Bundle comes with Country Flag, a sidewalk café, a fleur symbol, the Arc de Triumph PP, a simple Eiffel Tower, a Wine county accent, and a Beret.

The Holland Bundle comes with a Country Flag, 2 Windmill PP (one is less detailed than the other), Tulips, Clogs, a Bicycle, and Dutch girl and Dutch boy tag.

Keep checking back for more information on this series. And who knows, you might find Frosty's Hat.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blowing Winds

Frosty’s hat has been blowing all over the place! From California to North Dakota to New South Wales, Australia! The winds have blown Frosty’s hat back to the states, but it is nowhere close to me. Have you found all the hidden files so far? I have, but wow, those files were hard to find! It has been fun and interesting looking though everyone’s blog to see what they have been up to!

My daughter just got back from Vegas where she won $16.76 on the penney machine. Whoo hoo! (That was a good whoo hoo, not a sarcastic whoo hoo. Anytime you can come out ahead is good.) She went out with a few of her friends, and brought back lots of pictures. I made this file for her scrapbook. I made another one and after I got it all together I used UTEE embossing powder to give it a resin look. It turned out great!

Look for the Vegas Bundle coming soon to for a special, one week only, sale of $1.67.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weather Alert

Today’s Weather Alert: 6 inches of snow and it is still falling with a high of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Good news, all is calm, no 'Frosty' winds are blowing my way (yet).

Reminder this week Ivy Hollow Scrap Fusion is on sale at 30% off at from the January 11th through to the 17. It is perfect when you are looking for a permanent glue for gluing buttons, beads, glass & Plexiglas elements, page pebbles, gems, glitter, and more to paper. (sshhh... the discount code is 'JanSale' at checkout)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Test Cutters Wanted

Do you want free files? Do you have a digital cutter? Do you have a scanner? Do you have the time? Then I am looking for you! I have over 40 new files to cut, scan, and put up for sale on . For each file you test cut for me, I will give you two from . For each bundle or set you test cut, I will give you ten dollars worth of cutting files for you to choose from. All I am asking for in return is an honest opinion on how they cut or where it might need improvement, a promise that you won’t steal my file and claim as your own or give away, and one week turnover from the time you get the file to the time you cut and scan. (one file or bundle at a time)

If you think you might be interested then give me an email with your name, file preference (AI, GSD, KNK, WPC), and what types of files you may be interested in (single, set, bundle, Japan, western, jungle, kids, borders, titles, etc)

Send your email to with the subject line ‘test cutter’

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Hunt is ON!

The BLOG Hunt is on.

Frosty has lost his hat! If you happen to find Frosty's hat on one of the TSI designer blogs, look around. There is a free cutting file somewhere on her blog. But hurry, you will only have a couple of days before it will blow away to another designers blog. Weather alert: A cool, easterly breeze is sweeping thru the states.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Resolution #6

Resolution #6. Pay my bills on time.

One way to pay bills on time is to get them caught up first. Friday after I got my paycheck I went to the bank that has my car loan. Around Christmas time they have a "skip a payment" option. Usually it is in December and I go Christmas shopping. This year it was in January. I figure if I skipped this payment I would have enough leftover from my paycheck to get the rest of my bills caught up. It cost $35.00 to ‘skip a payment.’

I go inside and wait my turn. I went up to the teller and told him what I wanted to do. He started typing, stopped, and then he went to go get the manager. Oh no, I thought, I have skipped to many of these payments and they won’t let me do it again. So much for getting caught up on my bills. No--- it just happened this kid has never done this before. Whew. Ok.

The manager is telling this kid what steps he needs to do. I asked if it was still $35.00. "Yes" she replies "would you like us to take it out of your savings account?" I don’t have a savings account here. "Yes you do" No I only have my car loan here. "Rita Simmons, birthday _____, Social Security number ___-__-____?" Yes that’s me. "Then yes, you have a saving account here. You have $257.26 in your account." You’re sure? I asked. "Yes when you applied for your car loan you had to open an account with us." Then yes, take the $35.00 out of that account. Can I also withdrawal $50.00? I asked.

I went shopping at the new Michaels that just opened up.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Resolution #5

Resolution #5 Scrapbook more.

If you are wondering why I skipped resolution #4 - lose weight. It is because it is Saturday. You should never start a diet on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. Not that I am going on a diet. Diets don’t work, we all know that. I am changing my lifestyle and eating healthier - - - but not until Thursday. Lol

Back to resolution #5. Scrapbook more. Once a month my co-workers and I have an all day crop the first Saturday of the month. There is about 15 out of 40 of us that scrapbook, so we all pack up and head to the Auburn Center. This is our training site. It has enough tables and chairs to comfortably fit 45 -50 people. Even if all of us that scrapbook showed up we would each get a 8 x 4 foot table. Nice empty tables. No kids, no husbands.

I don’t know how I am going to scrapbook more until I get my photos organized. Tammy Brown had an interesting article on separating and organizing photos in the January TSI Newsletter. If you don’t get the newsletter, subscribe here.

I have scrapbooked all my current pictures. I am scrapping my wedding from 25 years ago, and getting a start on separating pictures. I have 30 years of pictures to separate. Ugh.

I did make a watermill paper piecing that turned out great (I do need to find those pictures before I can scrapbook it). Here is the paper piecing. I chalked the bricks in, added diamond glaze to the water, green flock for the trees, and flowersoft for the grass and flowers.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolution #3

Resolution #3. Smoke less. I am on Christmas Break. Last week smoking less was not a problem, my youngest was home from college and can’t handle cigarette smoke. If I wanted to smoke I had to go outside. You know how cold it was last week!? My daughter left Wednesday. OK, so I decided to throw my cigarettes up onto the highest cabinet in my kitchen. If I want a cigarette I have to go into the dining room, drag a chair into the kitchen, either remove my shoes or take the cover off chair, climb the chair and reach for that pack of cigarettes. I figure this would also help me with resolution #4.

So what are your New Year's Resolution? Do you have any traditions, or superstitions? Ours are cabbage (either stir fried or cole slaw), for luck.

I told you earlier I am working on a Around the World sets. Each bundle will be sold separately. For the Germany bundle I have a Map Flag (the outline of the country with the colors of their flag), a Pretzel PP (paper piecing), a Beer Stein PP, a Leiderhosen PP, a Beer Barrel PP, and a Cuckoo clock. For France I have a Map Flag, a sidewalk Café, a Fleur symbol, Arc de Triumph PP, a simple Eiffel Tower, a Wine Bottle PP, and a Beret PP. For Italy I have a Map Flag, The Coliseum PP, Leaning Tower of Pisa , a Wine Tag, a Column w/Ivy PP, and 2 Gondolas.

Ireland bundle has a Map flag, a Clover Corner accent, an Irish Dancing Costume PP, a Mug of Beer PP, a Derby, and a Lucky Horseshoe PP. Japan has a Map Flag, 2 different Fans PP (with either a dragon, blossoms, or birds), a Geisha Girl, a Rickshaw, a Pagoda, and a Bamboo Border. The Bamboo Border is one of my favorites. Scotland has a Map Flag, a Bag Pipe, 3 Bag Pipers, the Lochness Monster PP, a Celic Cross, and a Kilt PP.

London has a Map Flag of England, Big Ben, London Bridge, a Guard Bear Hat PP, a Double Decker Bus, and a Phone Booth PP. Sydney has a Map Flag of Australia, the Opera House PP, the famous Bridge, the Walkway Symbol & PP, a Koala Bear PP, and a Boomerang. Holland has a Map Flag of the Netherlands, 2 Windmill PP (one is less detailed than the other), Tulips PP, Clogs PP, and a Bicycle.

Besides the "Around the World" sets, I also have a San Francisco bundle with a Trolley Car PP, Fisherman’s Wharf PP, entrance to China Town, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Vegas bundle comes with the Welcome to Vegas sign PP, chips, dice, and cards. A Western theme set bundle come with a 2 wood fence borders (with cattle skull and wagon wheel), 2 photo matts, and a hanging sign.

Look for these bundle sets by the end of the month at

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year, New Resolutions

1. Less caffine
2. Update my BLOG.
3. Smoke less. Yes I would like to quit, but that resolution has never worked for me, so I am going to slow down, smoke less.
4. Lose weight
5. Scrapbook more
6. Pay my bills on time

Now all I have to do is find a solution for each resolution that will work for me.

The "less caffeine" I have already started on. I no longer drink Pepsi, except on a few occasions, and as of last week I know longer drink caffeinated coffee. I am trying to wean myself, so I am drinking decaffeinated. Decaffeinated coffee to me is like non-alcoholic beer - what’s the use. Next week it will be water in the morning, which should help with resolution 4.

Resolution #2. Updating my blog. The group over at forum have a game going on this month on searching the designers blogs for Frosty’s hat to get a free file. I wanted to play also, but I am not that knowledgeable about blogs and stuff. Hopefully by the end of the month I can start participating in the forums games, and you can come here and get free files and news on what cutting files I am working on. Beside designing at, I also design for

This month I am working on "Around the World." I have completed France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Japan, & Scotland countries. The cities I have completed are London, Sydney, San Francisco, and Vegas. Each set will include 4-6 memorabilia.