Sunday, November 15, 2009

November's Free File

I have been trying to get this done since October so I could show you the finished project. All I have to do is put together and finish it off. I did tell you I would put the file up Sunday. I don’t have it completed, but I decided to put it up anyway. It is a recipe card gift that’s 5" by 7". If you get TSI’s N’Titles files, then the category words are in October’s files, and sized to fit these cards. The categories I used are Appetizers, Beverages. Breads, Breakfast, Casseroles, Deserts, Main Dishes, Salads, Side Dishes, Snacks, Soups, and Vegetables. There are 6 tabbed cards, one cover, and one index cards. Since there are 12 categories I cut 2 of each of the tabbed cards, and one cover for the front and one cover for the back. I didn’t use the index card, instead I bought a set of 5" by 7" index cards, and rounded the corners (but the index card is included.) I used the cover as a guide line to punch the holes. I will use “o” rings to put it all together, and use ribbon to decorate. I will try to get the finished project done and uploaded before to long  :)  Download HERE