Saturday, October 31, 2009

Looking a little GRIM

It's probably from eating all that Halloween candy!

Today's free cutting file is one of my favorites from a couple years back. I think I give him away every Halloween. He has changed over the years. I have used the Reaper when someone hits a milestone birthday. Next time when someone at work turns 25, 30, 40, 50, or 60, hire a Grim Reaper to follow the birthday person around for a couple of hours! He doesn't need to say anything, he just needs to stand there where the birthday boy/girl can see him.

This cutting file cuts in just two pieces and comes in SVG, GSD, KNK, WPC, and AI. Download HERE.

PS: Sorry about the ghost card from yesterday. No matter what it looks like, he is not flipping you off :0

Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or TREAT!

Happy Halloween! I can’t believe that October is almost over! I’m glad it is almost over. I have had the worst month ever. Besides my computer crashing and losing everything (good thing I back up every weekend!) I have been sick, worse than I have ever been.

This had been a bad month with the swine flu in the school system. I have been down twice because of feeling crappy and both lasted 4 days. Drivers have been out so I had to drive. Between those 2 times I was out sick I did something with my right rotator cuff, which connects my shoulder to my arm. It’s one of the hazards of driving a bus. I couldn’t even use my mouse without it hurting like $%*^$.. I will need to have surgery if I ever want to move it without hurting. They say recovery time is anywhere from 6 to 14 weeks! I used all my sick days, my personal days and some vacation days just this month!

I know some people don’t celebrate Halloween because of religious beliefs or the country they are from. I don’t celebrate Halloween because of pagan rituals, I like it for the costumes and the candy. Where else can you dress up in anything you want to be and get lots of candy for your efforts? Saying that, let's get down to the free stuff.

I made 3 sets of card fronts. Little late for this year, but there is a haunted house, a skull, and a ghost. You can also use these for stencils. I make card fronts instead of cards. The card fronts have been tested at 4.25 by 5.5 inches. This freebie cutting file come in SVG, AI, KNK, WPC, and GSD. Download here. Look for another free file, an oldie but a goodie, this Saturday. Next Sunday I will upload a recipe card gift file. In the meantime, Happy Haunting. Bwah-hahahahaha....